Great Egret at Alpena, MI

Taken today at the Alpena Marina. Did some research and identified it as a Great Egret.


For today’s post, I am providing a screenshot of a document I am working on with the Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary, one of 13 NOAA-administered sanctuaries and the only one whose waters are not part of the ocean. This sanctuary, however, protects 448 sq. miles of Lake Huron right off the shores of Alpena, and also near my cottage. The area is notorious for shipwrecks, which are  preserved in the cool freshwater as well as underwater sinkholes due to the limestone composition here.

For this project, I am transcribing wreck reports that were recorded in the late 1800’s into working digitized documents to create an electronic and therefore, everlasting record. This one, in particular, was a report of a wreck that occurred on October 15, 1886. It is certainly the most satisfying volunteer-work I have ever been a part of…the history I encounter on each page is phenomenal.

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