Hubbard Lake, MI

Another photo of the Northern Lights, seen (barely) at Hubbard Lake. Taken June 18th of this year. Also, I will be catching up on a few posts tonight….sorry.



Hubbard Lake, MI

VERY faint northern lights visible from the lake this evening around midnight. It was tough because they were very faint, it was cloudy, and I didn’t have the best point of view. They were brightest in the northeastern sky.


Glow of Northern Lights over the U. J. Noblet Forestry and Wood Products Building

Taken a few nights ago on my way back to my room. The Northern Lights were going on all night but I just had to go back and sleep due to an exam the next morning. Anyways, you could still see them on campus.

Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) 4/24/2012

Northern Lights show early this morning. Photos taken in Eagle River and Great Sand Bay, in the Keweenaw Peninsula of Michigan.

Click HERE for more photos…

110/365 – Northern Lights 4/24/2012

Aurora Borealis 4/24/2012

Quick edit from tonight. Engineering exam at 8AM tomorrow. Separate post coming up tomorrow or Wed. night. Taken at Eagle River at around 12:30AM.


Taken last week at the Aurora Borealis event.

Aurora Borealis: 4/13/2012

Aurora Borealis over Hancock, MI

Here are the photos I promised. These were taken very early this morning when the Kp index was five at its highest. Two of them were taken in Houghton, looking towards Hancock in the north. The others were taken on the shore of Lake Superior on M-26.

Click HERE for more photos from the night


Aurora Borealis 4/13/2012

Super tired right now (3:35AM) so I am making a quick post of last night’s/this morning’s solar activity. I have a couple more that are better, so look for a separate post. By the way, the light trail in the photo is a freighter.

Good night!

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