Northern Lights Pano from Eagle River, MI

Wow, really behind on the posts/photos. Our area actually lost power for two straight nights last week and I just haven’t really been on the computer since. Anyways, I discovered I had actually intended to shoot a pano of the Northern Lights earlier this year. And I didn’t realize it until I went through the photos a second time – yikes. Here was the original post.



Not sure what this river is called but it exits into Lake Superior at the beach in Eagle River, MI. It cuts right through the sand dunes and beach.


Eagle River, MI

Taken at the Eagle River “delta” or where it meets Lake Superior.


Forgot to post yesterday. Here’s a pano from Eagle River, MI.


Eagle River, MI

Taken in Eagle River, MI this March when it was 85+ degrees.


I really enjoy the textures of this photo I took of some beach sand at Eagle River, MI.

Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) 4/24/2012

Northern Lights show early this morning. Photos taken in Eagle River and Great Sand Bay, in the Keweenaw Peninsula of Michigan.

Click HERE for more photos…

110/365 – Northern Lights 4/24/2012

Aurora Borealis 4/24/2012

Quick edit from tonight. Engineering exam at 8AM tomorrow. Separate post coming up tomorrow or Wed. night. Taken at Eagle River at around 12:30AM.

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