Northern Lights 9/30/2012

Quick edit from tonight. Might be going back out soon!



Northern Lights Pano from Eagle River, MI

Wow, really behind on the posts/photos. Our area actually lost power for two straight nights last week and I just haven’t really been on the computer since. Anyways, I discovered I had actually intended to shoot a pano of the Northern Lights earlier this year. And I didn’t realize it until I went through the photos a second time – yikes. Here was the original post.


Hubbard Lake, MI

Another photo of the Northern Lights, seen (barely) at Hubbard Lake. Taken June 18th of this year. Also, I will be catching up on a few posts tonight….sorry.


Hubbard Lake, MI

VERY faint northern lights visible from the lake this evening around midnight. It was tough because they were very faint, it was cloudy, and I didn’t have the best point of view. They were brightest in the northeastern sky.


Glow of Northern Lights over the U. J. Noblet Forestry and Wood Products Building

Taken a few nights ago on my way back to my room. The Northern Lights were going on all night but I just had to go back and sleep due to an exam the next morning. Anyways, you could still see them on campus.

Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) 4/24/2012

Northern Lights show early this morning. Photos taken in Eagle River and Great Sand Bay, in the Keweenaw Peninsula of Michigan.

Click HERE for more photos…

110/365 – Northern Lights 4/24/2012

Aurora Borealis 4/24/2012

Quick edit from tonight. Engineering exam at 8AM tomorrow. Separate post coming up tomorrow or Wed. night. Taken at Eagle River at around 12:30AM.


Taken last week at the Aurora Borealis event.

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