Tribute to the Red Wings and Nick Lidstrom, who announced his retirement today. This was this past winter’s Winter Carnival at Michigan Tech.


Tonight, the Huskies played Nebraska and lost 0-4 as well as the Winter Carnival tournament. Certainly¬†disappointing¬†since Nebraska and MTU were tied in points in the WCHA, but there’s still hope as MTU still has a shot at home ice advantage for the playoffs.

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Cru's U.S. Coast Guard Ship

One more Winter Carnival image. Taken early this morning (late last night). This is Cru’s U.S. Coast Guard Ship, earning second place in the on campus division for month long build times.

Winter Carnival 2012

Here are the bulk of my photos for Winter Carnival 2012. It is meant to be a celebration of winter, but in my opinion, it as close as you can get to a university sponsored party. It is certainly unique, and it far exceeded my expectations.

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Air Force ROTC Snow Statue

Probably the most popular event of Winter Carnival is the snow statues. Last night was the all-nighter, where organizations and groups spent the entire night building snow statues before the judges arrived this morning. In addition, there were statues built over the past month, such as the Grand Haven Lighthouse (pictured), built by the Air Force ROTC.

More pictures will be uploaded in a separate post soon!


Of course this is my favorite Winter Carnival snow statue. More pictures from the night will be up later.


Winter Carnival preparation

Here’s another shot from my room of an organization preparing their statue for Winter Carnival. As you can see, we don’t have much snow and one statue in particular was sagging to near collapse. Hopefully it’ll get colder and snowier by next weekend! Can’t wait to look them all around campus!


OK, I really need to stop taking pictures from my window. Anyways, this is a picture of students building a structure of some sort for Winter Carnival.

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