My journey to China and Hong Kong: Days 5 and 6

Day 5 (China to Hong Kong):

Traveled from Yangshuo to Guilin and flew back to Hong Kong. Checked into our hotel in Sheung Wan.

Day 6 (Hong Kong to China and China to Hong Kong):

Traveled with my mom and cousins to visit our ancestral roots in Da Shan Xia, a walled village which is near Zhenlongtown, China. The nearest city is Huizhou, China. A distant cousin came to pick us up from Shenzen (the city across from Hong Kong on the Chinese side) and it took about one hour to get there. We walked around the village that exists there, visited Huizhou, and returned to Hong Kong for dinner.

Da Shan Xia walled village.

Da Shan Xia walled village.


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